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How You Can Access W-2 Forms Online
 The W-2 form is your certified statement of your income your employer sends the Internal Revenue Service. This is used to file income taxes at the federal and state levels, as well as to prove one's income to some lender or other unit for any specified year. The employer is required to give the W-2 each year by February 1 as the latest date, to enable you to submit your taxes. However, if after the February deadline your W-2 is still unavailable, then you can try to retrieve it online without any fee. Get more info on How Do You Get Your W-2 Online? Your W-2 for prior years can be obtained at no cost as well, in case you ever need to.

The W-2 is initially forwarded to the SSA (Social Security Administration) for processing, ahead of the filing of federal taxes. As soon as the SSA is all done processing the W-2, the form eventually ends up with the IRS. You can request from the IRS a free duplicate of your latest year's W-2 after July of the existing year, and after filling out the right form then sending it back. Whenever you will require your W-2 from earlier period, you can do so by filling out the form and sending it back afterwards. But, you can also do so if you had sent in the paper W-2 with your federal tax submission. You may still be able to get your W-2 information even if you did not file the paper version, although you will not be able to obtain the actual version but only an abstract of your tax submissions with the IRC.  

If you need a free copy of your present year's W-2, you can request it from the SSA, but only for issues Social Security relevant issues.
The SSA regards the main non-Social Security relevant issues as follows:

Necessary to file up to date tax returns
Validating residency
Validating income in line with some worker's compensation occurrenceGetting access to some pension fund

You should be able to get your free W-2, if you're trying to validate some Social Security claim or else are submitting papers for any other reasons related to Social Security. To get more info, visit Form W-2 Online. On the other hand, if you're trying to obtain the W-2 for some other non-social security intentions, then one W-2 is going to cost you $86 as of 2018.

The simplest means to get your W-s for the current year is to obtain it from your employer. Several employees have their own secure websites wherein employees may be able to access their own W-2 if they want, whereas other offices  still choose to send out one copy in the mail in January. If your employer is unable to provide you with a copy of your W-2, then for sure you can get your Form W-2 online for free. Learn more from

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